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Meet Your Trainer

Brandon Felan


I am NASM certified and have coached for over seven years in the fitness industry, starting at the YMCA and then transferring to leading group fitness classes of 20-plus clients at a local gym. I now work full-time in engineering, but I wanted to get back to my passion for fitness and help people change their lives. I know the struggle of working all day, coming home, and finding the energy to work out. When writing workouts, I aim to make them fun and quick but effective. I started Felan's Fitness in February 2023 while I was on paternity leave and have been doing it all since then:

  • Being the best husband and father I can be. 

  • Working a full-time job.

  • Running a gym

Since creating Felan's Fitness, I have consistently increased my client's strength by 21% in three months. Some of which have hit multiple all-time PRs. I want to create similar results for those who wish to join. 

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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